About a Mountain is a hybrid film based on a non-fiction book with the same name. Following the structure of a narrative script, the film will cast both actors and local documentary subjects. Documentary characters will be interviewed on a conversational level with our main actor, John. Here, non-fiction and fiction powerfully mix to form a deeper emotional truth.

This hybrid approach parallels the contrasting worlds of Las Vegas - a city where speciousness abounds, where the boundaries between fact and fiction are blurred, and where reality is transient. These contrasting elements in the film unfold visually and rhythmically creating an experiential difference between the two disproportionate worlds: starkly comparing natural and fabricated beauty, artificial and natural light, city and desert, noise and quiet, sin and redemption. Archival material will add an additional texture to the film. Taken from local and national newspapers and television reports, this material serves to structure the reality of the time-period, anchoring viewers in the context of true events.